About Us



Our mission is to give our client a highly professional service, safe, high quality installation, as well as service and technical assistance at a competitive rate that constantly meets their expectations, and to train and assist the local community everywhere we go”

Imbokodo Electrical Contractors CC is a licensed Electrical Contracting Company established 04/12/2002.  Specialist services in design, construction, installation and maintenance for commercial, industrial and domestic projects, large and small.











We have embraced all seven components of BEE by ensuring that we a socially responsible company. Training plans that will assist employees so as to move them up through the job levels of the organisation. We have supply chain management and have, where possible procure from black business and have lent their time, skill and expertise to assisting emerging enterprises who could ultimately become successful employers themselves.


To the owner Brenda Makhatini believes, empowerment is not about a number on a certificate, but rather about meaningful change in their industry, geographical community and the greater economy of the country.



We commit to a return on investment, which will result in a viable business by pursuing the following:-


Conforming to the expectations of our customers’ requirements all the time by – objective of zero “unsatisfactory or poor ” on the customer satisfaction surveys


To optimise the direct cost of quality against the cost of potential losses, defects and wastage.


Maintain a 0% rework rate


Achieving a customer satisfaction level that equates to zero customer complaints


Ensuring that all company processes and services meet the requirements of the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa, and applicable environmental regulations


Policy Statement 

Imbokodo Electric recognizes the importance of Safety, Health, and accident prevention in all aspects of our operations. It is the policy of Imbokodo Electric Company to accomplish work in the safest possible manner consistent with good work practices. This policy is based on a sincere desire to eliminate personal injuries, occupational illnesses and damage to equipment and property, as well as to protect the general public whenever the public comes in contact with our work activities.

Each member of the management team is charged with the overall responsibility of preventing accidents and eliminating conditions that can lead to occupational illnesses. It is our management’s responsibilities to provide safe work environment. Imbokodo Electric can only give meaning to health and safety prevention programs by taking positive action to ensure that safety and health rules are adequate and enforced, by seeing that effective training programs are employed. The safety and health protection and accident prevention requirements are set forth in our Health and Safety Program.

Health and Safety will not be sacrificed for production or schedule pressure. Management will not order, instruct, or permit any employee to perform work or do any job unless the work can be done safely. Similarly, employees will avoid engaging in work activities that they consider being unsafe. Safety briefings will be conducted regularly to reinforce the priority placed on workers safety and the importance of safety requirements over other considerations.

Imbokodo Electric is committed to comply with all applicable Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) act. 

Imbokodo Electric recognizes that we must continue to stress health and safety and strive for improvement. Our goal is the elimination of all exposures or accidents from all operations for these reasons:

No endeavor is worthwhile if it causes human suffering through disabling injury or illness or loss of life. 

A good health and safety record reflects the quality of management and our workforce. It is also good business and contributes to our continuing growth and success. 

Poor accident experience increases costs and results in loss of profits. Each member of management will translate our policy into positive action, and enforce our position so that no safety infraction will ever be considered to be minor or insignificant.


We are a team of professionals with decades of combined experience.